Writers Toolbox

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This is a blog post by a writer for writers. I am in love with the craft (of writing) it is my passion. It has so many ins and outs that no one really talks about. Sometimes people expect you to pick up on things…. I was always that person that needs things to be spelled out for me. Hit repeatedly over the head with a book in order to understand. I thought it would be nice if someone took the time to share the interesting things they have learned.

I want to say that I believe there are no “rules” of writing. Only tools in the Writers Toolbox. I want every writer to know the tools so they can decide for themselves if they want to use them or not. Know the rules so that you can use them better so purposefully stare them down as you break them.

Sometimes I feel like learning how to write is like being told told to make your own clothes but no one ever taught you how to use a sewing machine so you are using a needle and treated with a sewing machine sitting across the table from you. I hope that this blog will help you.

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