Writers Toolbox

I believe there are no rules to writing. Only tools. Know the tools so you can use them with purposefully or toss them aside with glee.

This is a blog post by a writer for writers. I am in love with the craft – of writing – it is my passion. It has so many ins and outs that no one really talks about.

I feel like there are things people seem to be able to pick up on intuitively. Things I had to learn the hard way. By that, I mean I had to have them spelled out for me. Then hit over the head with again and again until it became a part of me. Then I forgot everything I learned and had to start again.

Adverbs and Some Such

Adverbs are both good and bad, learn how to use them to better your writing, instead of allowing them to bog it down.

Zombie Metaphors

Metaphors are good, great even. Unless they’ve been over done. This is a quick, and almost easy, way to make them fresh.

Editing for the dyslexic

I’m dyslexic. I struggle to spell basic words correctly, or I use the wrong word altogether. This is my hack.

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