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Below are some free stories – a swag bag, if you will – to introduce my writing style. I often send out free books to my subscribers, so be sure to subscribe.

The Battle Mage Codex

A Contemporary Urban Fantasy Novel

At first concern, then anger, then pure satisfaction. This was so well written. How the author was able to get in the mind of all three characters so perfectly?


War Crimes

The first 500 words of one of my current WIP’s. This is going to be a novel length work.

Devin! I found this link on twitter and I am so glad I found your blog. This is great. I am HOOKED. More please. Your language is perfect for this story. Your main character is someone I want to cheer for. MORE PLEASE.

Juliette Kings

Membership Revoked

There are serial killers in every major city. They sit behind a computer and smile when you ask for help finding what you need. They plan your murder when you ruin their things.

Fun and fast-paced! The dialogue was relaxed and believable. I was impressed that this story warned you about the ending right upfront, yet I was still compelled to read it through – and it did not disappoint, there was still a good twist at the end I didn’t see coming. This is a great example of the power of short stories!

Aaron Lee

Haunted Zombie

A Flash Fiction work.

The concept of a ghost haunting its own earthly body to protect the living is absolutely brilliant (so jealous I didn’t think of that). Throwing in the zombie angle really lifted the thickness of the story and I was drawn in and it didn’t let go. I really like your style of writing because you inform, but you leave just enough out for great suspense of ‘what will the next paragraph bring’.

Great job. Enjoyed this story immensely.

-Thaine Chase

Poison in the Well

A Flash Fiction work.

I like it! Good story, good glimpse at the inner thinking of your character. And this is not your typical ‘everyone is dying’ type story or ‘nuke disaster’ story…and not the trendy-type zombie story. It had it’s own thing going on. I WOULD have liked to have just a taste of what caused it…maybe the character heard a rumor…maybe a snippet of someone talking on the CB before their voice goes quiet.

Matthew Ipok

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