To Earth We Have Returned

This book of Poetry is by Marie Thearose.

As the tittle of this Chap Book suggests it draws its inspiration from the earth. Dirt, Earth, Salt, fire, you know… the elements.

The speaker in a few of these poems is struggling with the concept of god. More specifically a separation from god. I found it very refreshing.

It’s a great Chap Book for anyone who considers themselves a feminist and for the Pagan community. (I’ll be putting it with my other occult books, reading from it when I need some inspirations.)

There are so many good poems in here!!! I don’t know which one is my favorite.

Your Lot in Life made me laugh out loud. And yell “BURN!”

Heretics Over Hypocrites has three lines that made me firmly nod my head.

Okay. They’re too good not to share!

Hod dare I not forgive you

when God did

after you said the magic words?

p. 18

Failing Your Daughters also hit home for me. I can’t exactly put my finger on why….

The Divine Masculine found a way to give me shivers and lift me up. It is a specular poem.

Memory. Oh, Sweet and beautiful Memory. As a woman this spoke to me.

Okay this whole book speaks to me.

I give this 10/10.

I love it!!!

You can pick up a copy from Amazon by clicking here.

A special thank you to Marie Thearose for writing and putting her work into the world.  

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