Just a Fly on the Wall Inside My Mind by Jai K.

Just a Fly on the Wall Inside my Mind is darkly humorous and thought-provoking. Jai K isn’t afraid to open her soul and tell it like it is.

Enthralling with its beauty and stunning with its content.

Jai has sculpted masterpieces with words and evoked powerful imagery with style.

These poems are real and raw, and the speakers have pulled down their bandages to show us what their pain looks like. Simply amazing, and truly powerful.

Jai has mastered the ending of a lot of her poems. And a lot of them left me with the impression of a giant “f*** you.”

One of my favorite sets of lines is from the poem called “Beer and a Shot”

So if you think I didn’t mean every intoxicated thing I said, then you my friend need a drink.

pp. 45

Reading the poems in this book left me laughing at the speakers twisted humor and made me cringe with its painful details.

If you’re interested in challenging what you think you know you can pick up a of Just a Fly on the Wall Inside my mind from Amazon.

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