#DistractionAction:Volume 1

Let me start by offering an apology to the author Robert Ormsby. I don’t have the vocabulary to adequately describe what you have created. You deserve a better reviewer than me.

This was a very difficult volume to find a genre for. At first, I thought it would go into Non-fiction, but it has too much poetry to go there. But it can’t go into poetry either because it has some nonfiction in it. (Or does it?) Maybe those stories were fiction.

I decided to put this book in Poetry.

This Volume is real. It is the real problems that face real people.

I found myself reading, then re-reading these poems because I enjoyed them so much. I even read a few to my husband, Dimitri.

This is what he said. “That gave me chills.” (I agree with my husband. #Chills)

My husband has been a soldier for over twenty years.

I especially found the stories about the “313 OUTLAWZ” to be captivating and engaging. I wanted to know more.

A short excerpt from his poem “Sadness”

Sadness is the sound old habits make when breaking.

Sadness tastes, oddly enough, like old birthday cake. That lip gloss is bitter-sweet. But she’s a great kisser, so it balances out.

The only thing I can say is this: Robert Ormsby has created a work of art.


Pick up a copy from Amazon for yourself by clicking here.

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