Chapter 9: Jail Break

The transport rocked back and forth, a metronome keeping time, across from her Gerkin slept, his grayish blueish hair caught random flashes of light, making it look like dancing flames. He had propped his legs up on his bag. Shifting her own bag on her back, she rolled her shoulders for a deep stretch. His maroon uniform blended him into the darkness, glancing down, she made sure that hers is hiding her just as well. Neck and back aching she rolled her neck to the side unit it cracked to relieve the pressure.  

Ger spoke barely above a whisper, it took a moment for the translator to kick in, “That’s bad for your neck.” His eyes remain closed.

“What do you care?” She asked, keeping her voice just as low.

Shifting he twisted into a crouching position and slowly looked over the crate he has been leaning against, his furry tail hung down limply. Then lowered himself just as slowly back down, “Not much longer, maybe five minutes.”

She resisted the urge to look, the more we move about, the higher the chances of being seen. That would ruin everything. The minutes seemed to tick slowly by. The transport shook violently as it passed through the cloud barrier, returning to its normal humming as the transport cleared the clouds. 

Uncrossing her legs, she shifted into a crouch. Beneath them, the opening of the landing gear changed the soft hum of the engines to a gentle roar. I’m ready.

Across from her, Ger pulled off his jacket and shirt exposing his short blue-gray fur. Opening his bag, he pulled out a Gersemi Immortal uniform. Black jacket, black boots. Stripping off his clothing he began pulling on the new uniform.

Following suit, she opened her own bag and grimaced, the sight of the uniform made her sick. And reminding her of the village she’d left behind. Of the people she hadn’t been back to see since she left. Hesitantly at first, then moving more quickly she laid out the costume and pulled it on. I won’t have to wear it for any longer than three hours. She was very careful not to let my mind wander to what would happen if they got caught wearing those uniforms. 

The last thing she put on was the small device that attached to her translator. A slight modification. Anyone wearing a translator would see her as a Gutsix Immortal. Covered in fur, a tail. 

When she looked at her hands, she didn’t see anything different. 

Gerkin grunted. “You could be my sister.” 

The craft touched down on the surface with a soft thump, to door to her left dropped open and authentic air rushed in. It smelled like distant trees and motor oil. Ger shifted in his crouch and smiled at her. His unworried expression bolstered her confidence.  A few breathless minutes later the engines cut off, followed by the pilots walking briskly out. 

Ger stayed in a crouch sneaking from crate to crate until he reached the door, his tail lashing back and forth said he was excited. She followed at a distance, but kept far enough back to be able to watch his back but close enough to help him if he needed it. 

He stood abruptly and strode off the craft, down the ramp vanishing into the darkness. Taking one last deep breath she rose and followed, trying her best to act like she belonged there and to not run to the nearest wall. With the mask she wore she would look Gutxic. 

She had spent days memorizing the plans to this prison, all she had to do right now was make it to the fountain. Then get inside, turn off the power and leave. That’s four things, I can do four things. She passed a set of guards who nodded to her, she returned the gesture. 

Gerkin was waiting for her, sitting on the edge of the fountain as if he had every right to be there, he was even throwing some food into the pond for the fishes. 

 He flashed a grin as she approached. “What kept you? I’ve been waiting.”

Giving a weak smile in return, she sat down next to him, her back to the water. “Oh… you know.”

They wait in silence, backs to the fountain, until the roaming guards turned the corner. Ger spun on his butt and eased himself quietly in the lapping water. As he moved deeper, the water climbed from his knees to his waist then he laid down and vanished, the pool calmed.  A few moments later he surfaced and waved for her to join him. 

Touched the water she shivered, it wasn’t cold, but it also wasn’t warm.

Reaching into her pocket, she pulled the oxygenator out and bit down on it. The flow of oxygen started with a hiss. Sinking down into the water she followed Ger though the darkness, the fountain system water supply shared pipe with the secondary water tank. They should come out near the basement. All they had to do was cut a hole big enough for them to fit through and they were in. 

The tunnel turned up sharply, Gerkin stopped and pulled out the cutter. Quickly marking the parts that he wanted cut and set the thing on the pipe. It purred to life, bathing them in sharp red light. When it finished, it turned off and sank to the bottom of the tube. Gerkin pushed on the pipe, and it shuttered. Then gave. Falling to the other side. 

She followed as quickly as she could in the water. They broke the surface into total darkness. Their breathing echoing off the surrounding water and metal. Light. Gerkin has his hand lifted out of the water a ball of fire hovering above it. They were in the water tank. 

“Are you okay?” he asked, panting hard. 

“Yeah, let’s get this done.” Lifting her own hand, she focused on what she wanted. The water around them become solid holding them in place for a moment before they started rising. The water on their bodies rolled away, leaving them dry and standing on what felt like solid ground.

Gerkin nodded and pointing at the wall said, “We can cut through there.”

She had to close her eyes and block out all distractions in order to keep them standing on the thickened water, Gerkin’s voice pulled her out of her light trance. “Come on, we’re in.”

They stand, awkward for a moment, “Be careful June, don’t get caught.” Turning away he sprinted through the underbelly of the prison toward where they hoped their goal might be. His job was far more difficult than hers.

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