Chapter 6: Natural Disaster

June focused on the figures outside the city wall. The tiny houses and people running for the city. An awareness of their death settled into her, the same awareness told her that the city walls weren’t going to hold against the oncoming wave. Those who didn’t die on impact would drown or catch a disease and die slowly. 

Rubbing her thighs June forced herself to accept the fact that there was nothing she could do. Nothing anyone could do to save those people. 

“That wave isn’t going to hit for a few minutes.” Master Hadrian sounded thoughtful, his sharp eyes missing nothing. “Come, meet your new partner.”  

June watched him walk toward a light brown tent, set up to look over the city. She didn’t understand how he could be so cold. Those people were going to die, the least they could do was hold a moment of silence and watch it happen. 

Master Hadrian turned back to her, an eyebrow raised in question. 

June dropped her gaze away from his before she opened her mouth. She didn’t want to say something she would regret. Like calling him a heartless coward. Or worse, do something she would regret, like a full-on slap across the face. 

Her hands had curled into fists on their own, her anger at the situation, at herself for being too weak to do anything about it chewed at the back of her mind. June relaxed her hands. Smoothed her features to calmness before looking back to Master Hadrian.

He shifted, sensing her emotions anyway. 

She brushed past him to the test. A Gutxic man sat on the floor, his eyes fixed on the incoming wave. 

Master Hadrian cleared his throat. “Gerkin, this is June. She’s your new partner.” 

 “Can’t you see I’m busy?” Gerkin waved a hand dismissively.

June opened herself to Immortality and relished in the power that came sweeping through her body. It took her only a moment to see the flows of power Gerkin wove and was still weaving. 

Tilting her head to the side she focused on what they could be designed to do. Followed them out to the incoming wave. 

It was pointless, Gerkin didn’t have near enough power, nor was he close enough to do anything useful… but he was trying anyway. Trying to stop it, trying to break the wave. Doing more than she was doing. Which was nothing. 

Master Hadrian sighed, loudly. The kind of sigh he used when teaching her something he considered simple. The kind of sigh he used when he thought she was being extra stubborn. 

“That wave can’t be broken. Trying to do something so…. Heroic will burn you out.” Master Hadrian’s words were spoken in a dry tone and the word heroic was said with an emphasis that made June think he was really saying stupid. 

June frowned. It was like he was saying water was wet. The silent reprimand made Gerkin turn his head to glare at Master Hadrian. 

“And you would suggest that I do not try because it hasn’t been done yet. That I let all those people die because…” 

June lost focus on their conversation. With her Immortality embraced she could see farther, and sense more of what was going on around her. Far below she spotted seven people running toward the wave.  

She couldn’t tell who they were or what species, but she somehow knew they were Immortals. And she knew they wouldn’t be enough. As she watched they posted themselves on the wall, spread equally. They had to have Quissms like Master Hadrian did. They could easily transport themselves away. 

As one they embraced Immortality and wove themselves together. June felt her eyebrows go up. She’d only ever linked with Master Hadrian, and only so he could show her that it could be done. To do so was dangerous, it gave anyone in the link access to the minds of everyone else. It opened you in a way she couldn’t stand. And when you opened yourself like that only one person oversaw the power. They could do anything they wanted with it. Could turn it in any direction.  

June shivered. The one-time Master Hadrian had done it and she had done it back to him left her feeling exposed. Like the time her mother found the note she written to her junior high sweetheart. Even trusting Master Hadrian as she did, she wasn’t sure she wanted to do it again. 

The level of commitment they must feel, the level of trust they had to have was great. Especially if they were willing to link with so many. Their power reached a crescendo, it sung to her, called her to join. She ignored the call. Reassessing the situation. They still didn’t have enough. 

They needed more. 

June glanced at Master Hadrian’s hip. Where the round disk hung touching his outer thigh. 

The Gersemi wove strands of air and fire together, pushing and pulling to create layer after layer. They needed more. 

Around them the people still ran. Their screams distant things. June estimated that all of them would die. Down to the last child. 

Unless the Gersemi Immortals were successful. 

The wave reached the outer village. They had less then fifteen seconds until it hit the wall. Until it killed those Immortals. 

June grabbed the Quissm and yanking up and away, pulling it free from Master Hadrians belt. With a burst of power, she activated it and allowed the automatic functions to pull her to her destination. 

Knowing what was coming next, June dropped the Quissm. It vanished before it hit the ground. Quissm’s could be linked to translators, and recalled at will. If you were touching one that was recalled you would be pulled along with it. 

Turning, June faced the oncoming wave. Not one step away stood the head of the link, if she lifted her hand she could touch him. A Gutxic male. Fully focused as he was, he didn’t sense her standing behind him. She assed his power in less than a heartbeat. He was almost as strong as she was. As the strongest Immortal here if she joined the link, she would take charge of it. She wasn’t sure if she could control that much power. If she tried she could very well kill herself, and all of them.  

Shoving all her worries aside she rested her hand on his shoulder, and let all that power flow into her– 

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