Chapter 10: Belly of the Beast

After waiting for what felt like three hours, but was in reality only thirty minutes, June stepped causally into the hall, trusting in her disguise to stop anyone questioning her presence here. If she ran into any people she just had to cling to the arrogant attitude of Gersemi Immortals. Above mere mortals. If that failed, she could always kill them.  

She grimaced, knowing that killing someone just for getting in her way would be difficult. She wasn’t sure she had that in her. In fact, she knew she didn’t. But Gerkin had told her to kill anyone who questioned too much, anyone who might blow her cover. He was technically correct, no one could know they were here. But he was wrong. Life was precious. She couldn’t just kill someone. Not for getting in her way. 

Rubbing the back of her neck she wished she were better with Mental Immortality. Then she could make them not see her, remove their awareness of her exitance, and simply walk right past them. With her limitations the best she could do was sometimes hear thoughts. If the person thinking had no training on how to control their mind. Most people did have some training. 

Her black Gersemi boots were stiff and uncomfortable. Not like the red ones she’d been wearing for the last few months, molded to her feet and perfect for quick movements. Also, a beautiful color. She’d never worn shoes so fashionable before. They made her feel more confident. These made her feel plane and boring. Like she was the kind of person to follow every rule, no matter how much it didn’t make sense or went against common sense. 

She smiled, realizing that was probably the point of the Gersemi Immoral uniform. To get them to conform to their stupid rules. She would be able to use that later. She wasn’t sure how, but she could use that. 

Turning right, June strode with as much arrogance as she could force into her posture. The matt steel corridors looked the same, and her deception began to feel foolish after just a few minutes. There was no one down in the belly of this prison. Not in the middle of the night.  

Gerkin had drilled her with the layout, making sure she knew the turns she had to take by heart. It was a ten-minute walk to the electrical room, it would take less than three minutes to kill the power to the cell doors, after that a ten-minute walk about. Twenty-three minutes. She could do this. 

As she rounded the last turn she caught the scent of something. It was oddly like sulfur and sweat. Rubbing her nose she tried to rid herself of the unpliant odor, but the closer she drew to the door she needed the stronger it became. 

She stopped, realizing the door was open a crack. The sounds of people breathing were loud in the silence. Putting her hand over her mouth, June breathed as quietly as she could and wondered why they hadn’t stepped into the hallway to investigate all the noise she’d been making. 

June dropped her hand to her side. It would look odd if they opened the door to find her covering her mouth like that. She had to be confident, not secretive. She belonged here. She just had to act like she did and no one would question why she was here. 

Taking a step closer she eased the door open. 

It squeaked as it rolled into the wall, on unoiled tracks. 

June blinked. And wanted to laugh in relief. 

Two Gutxic guards were sitting on the generator she needed to turn off. Their shirts were half off, they had left their weapons by the door and were so engrossed in each others mouths they hadn’t heard her loud entrance. 

Watching the men make out. She didn’t know what to do. As one of the Gutxic men started attacking the laces holding up the other man’s pants she almost cleared her throat. 

Then stopped herself. She wasn’t here to save them from making mistakes. She was here to exploit them. She also admitted to herself that she was a little curious about what Gutxic men had down there. Crossing her arms, June leaned on the doorframe. 

 The man on her right finally managed to get the other man’s pants open, and he shoved his hand in. When it came out June was more than a little disappointed that it was so ordinary.  

Frowning she wondered how neither of the men had noticed her, or smelled her. 

The man on the right began stroking the other man’s penis. Then he dropped down and closed his mouth around it. 

The man on her left tipped his head back and purred. 

She wanted to laugh. She had never realized how similar Humans and Gutxic were, not until this moment. 

“Interesting,” June said, keeping her tone as neutral as she could manage. 

They sprang apart. Tails rigid with fear.  

The man on the left started to turn, but an upraised hand from June stopped him. 

“Don’t let me stop you,” June said, letting herself enjoy their embarrassment. “You went this far you may as well finish.” 

The man’s tail drooped to the ground in defeat as his shoulders slumped. 

“Ma’am,” the one on the right said, his ears laying flat against his head, “We were just… uh… we were…” he turned to look at his companion.  

“I can’t wait to hear how you explain this.” June rolled her shoulders and blinked four times at him, waiting. 

They stared at each other, then shame in their postures and their ears flat to their heads they looked to her. 

Rolling her eyes June said, “Oh cover yourself up. I don’t want to that.” 

Dropping his eyes again, the man on the left tucked his manhood back into his pants and secured them around his waist. 

The man on the left licked his lips, then asked in a timid voice, “Are you going to tell Adrastos?” 

June clicked her tongue and took both men in for a few moments, pretending to weigh her options. Aware that she tapped one finger on her lips. 

As she stared at them their ears pricked up, sensing her mercy. 


Their ears pricked up totally, showing their excitement. 

“But,” she said, before either of them could say anything. “Don’t get caught again, be smarter about this.” She looked from one to the other, letting them take in her words, “Now get out of here.” 

June didn’t bother moving as they made their way past her into the hall. She struggled not to turn her head and watch them go as their quick footfalls faded away. 

Sighing in relief she strode into the room and flipped the switch down. 

June glanced around, waiting for an alarm to go off or for the lights to lose power. When nothing did, she frowned at the switch wondering if that had been the right one. 

That down she wiped her sweaty hands on her pants and closing her eyes checked her memory. Every switch in this room controlled something important. Turning off the wrong one could set of a silent alarm and then they wouldn’t make it out of the prison. 

June’s breath shook as she opened her eyes and confirmed that she had chosen the right switch. 

Again, she wiped the palms of her hands on her pants and left the room. In the hall she glanced around, making sure she was still alone she pulled the door closed. 

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