Who is Devin?

A little bit about me.

I didn’t learn to read until I was ten (I have dyslexia. Yes I had to look up that word to make sure I spelled it right.) Naturally, I decided that I want to be an author. I l love to read and write. I specialize in Fantasy and Science Fiction, I have dabbled in Non-Fiction and Poetry.

I have mastered the dying art of at home, by hand bread-making. I love the smell of yeast as it rises and the way it fills my house with this warm comforting scent. It’s like being hugged by flavor. I especially love the way the dough feels under my hands as I knead it into loaves. And I get a thrill of joy when it comes out all perfect and golden.

Not that this amazing skill of cooking has come easily… I lit a bowl of instant Ramen noodles on fire when I tried to microwave them. Hahaha. Turns out you should always add water to the bowl. And the bread baking thing didn’t always work out. I have lit a loaf of bread on fire. It was sitting in the oven the top burning, filling the house with smoke. I have also started a grease fire when cooking meat. It is for all those life experiences that I believe that anyone can do anything with enough practice.

I was in the military for eight years. I joined for duty, stayed for the awesome perk of them paying for my schooling. It was difficult. Worth it, but difficult.

I feel that over the last fifty or so years there has been a change in how books and authors are treated. People are so focused on the author and less focused on that persons ability to create beautiful works of art. It is with that in mind that I will keep the sharing of myself to a minimum. Unless, of course, you decide to ask me a question. In which case I will happily answer. I love comments on my work so please start conversations and talk to each other.

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