Book Launch “Yugen”

I’m very excited to announce the book launch of Yugen – the first short novel in the Guardian Series.

My goal is to give away a ton of swag. Including: Advanced reader copies and merchandise.

If you would like a chance to win a free copy of my book head over to this Facebook page like it and be sure to follow for updates. I’ve already posted videos about how I’m giving them away. (Don’t worry I keep them short.)

Every person that follows the page gets a ticket in the raffle. When you invite a friend to like the page let me know and you’ll get another ticket.

Example: you like the page and you get 1 ticket. You get 8 friends to like the page and you get 8 tickets for them and 1 for you. For a total of 9 tickets.

If you would like to be a apart of the launch team that helps makes this book a huge success (get free swag and also guarantee yourself a free copy of the book) click here to apply. Or maybe you just want to see the what’s happening behind the scenes or learn how to launch your own book. That’s okay too. I’m more than happy to share these experiences with you and everything I’ve learned along the way.  

Why would you want to be a member of the launch team? You get a free copy Yugen. SWAG!!! A behind the scenes look at a book launch. (One that you should be able to duplicate for your own books.)

Have a great week! I hope to see you on the Facebook page 😊

Published by devinvandriel

Let's see. I couldn't read until I was ten. (I have dyslexia - I had to look up up word.) So naturally, with my disability, I have decided I want to be a writer. I love Science Fiction and Fantasy, those are my favorites but I have dabbled with Creative Non-Fiction and Poetry. I'm married. I love to write, listen to music. I enjoy the sound of "wick" candles. They have these wooden wicks that make them sound like a small campfire.

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